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Monrovia Bee Swarm Removal

Discovering a swarm of bees around your home is a scary feeling. If you find a swarm of bees, call APA Bee Removal. We offer full-service bee control and hive removal in  Monrovia and the surrounding Monrovia area. While you are waiting for our trained technicians, please leave the bees alone and keep others away from them as well. Our experienced bee removal technicians are trained to effectively and safely deal with Africanized honey bees. We understand the biology and habits of the Africanized honey bees and utilize control methods that are best in class so that we do the job right the first time. We provide you and your family with peace of mind

Near Me Bee Swarms vs Beehives

Both Africanized honey bees and European honey bees live in La Puente, so if you are seeing a swarm or a hive on your property it is simply because they live in the same area as you. Now, there is a distinction between a hive and a swarm that you need to be aware of:

Monrovia Bee Removal Service - Treatment

APA Bee Removal is dedicated to controlling and removing bees with only the best, most effective products the market has to offer. Depending on where the swarm or hive is located willdictate which products and methods we use. A swarm outside the home is very different from one inside the home. We strive to always use the most environmentally friendly products available and in some instances we do not even need chemical methods to remove the bees

Local Bee Removal Company - Prevention

Although there is no way to stop a swarm from taking a rest in your tree, there are a few measures you can take to make it a little harder for them to move into your home. Bees love to build their hives in dark, secure places. A wall cavity or attic space is a great location for a hive to feel secure. Follow these tips to discourage the bees from your home:

Bee Removal In Monrovia ,CA

Professional Bee Removal Services in Monrovia, CA

Welcome to APA Bee Removal, your premier local bee removal service in Monrovia CA and surrounding near me areas. We are dedicated to addressing your bee problem swiftly and efficiently, ensuring that your property begins to bee-free. With our professional extraction team and live bee removal techniques, we do our best to accomplish a near-guarantee & safe and humane approach to handling bee swarms and infestations. Each situation is different and at that moment approaches are handled as is. 

At APA Bee Removal, we understand the urgency of bee issues, which is why we offer same-day service for your convenience when our extraction team is readily available. Whether you’re dealing with a few straggling bees or a thousand bees swarming or nesting around your property, we are the service to handle any bee situation effectively if it allows us. Our knowledgeable Monrovia, CA bee removal team is well-equipped to locate the entry points of the bees and implement efficient strategies to remove them from your premises. Visit our gallery to see amazing snapshots of the types of honey and bee hives we have encountered.

Located in the heart of El Monte, we proudly serve the neighboring communities of Monrovia. Our services extend to residential clients looking to protect a new home or community from bee invasions and commercial property managers seeking reliable bee control solutions. At APA Bee Removal, we are committed to striving for environmental responsibility. As avid supporters of bee conservation, we take pride in providing Monrovia, CA live bee removal services, ensuring that these vital creatures are safely relocated to suitable habitats where they can continue their crucial role in pollination.

Our dedicated team of experts takes the stress out of dealing with bee infestations. With our rapid response and efficient processes, we can often complete bee removals within an hour or two, allowing you to go back to enjoying your property without any bee-related worries, but each situation is different and will vary case by case.

Monrovia, CA Bee Removal Companies

When you encounter a bee problem near Monrovia, CA remember to give us a call at  APA Bee Removal. Our licensed professionals will take care of everything, leaving you with a nearly bee-free environment and peace of mind. Trust us to handle your bee removal needs with professionalism and respect for these amazing creatures. Contact us today to experience top-notch bee removal services tailored to your requirements.


Most frequent questions and answers
Structural removals need to be estimated and a written approval needs to be received from the owner or property management company before work can begin.
We always try to remove bee swarms live. The following list are attributes of a bee problem that allow us to remove the bees in a humane way.

1. The bees are not aggressive and in swarm or early hive formation.

2. The bees are easily accessible and are clustered out in the open and not inside a structure.

3. We are able to place them with a beekeeper in our Best Bee Network.

We do not recommend that. Spraying with water can agitate the bees and they may end up attacking you or others in the surrounding areas instead of leaving. We always try to remove the bees live, and relocate the swarm to a beekeeper or farm.

The cost of bee removal varies depending upon a number of factors. There are three main factors that can effect the cost of a job.

1. The first is the length of time the problem has been going on. If you have a swarm it is less expensive to resolve than if you have a hive. A swarm is a collection of bees that has just landed and is looking to build a hive. A fully established hive can be built in only a couple weeks, so fixing the problem quickly (before the swarm has built a hive) is much less expensive than if a hive has already been established.

2. The second factor that influences the price of a job is where the bees or hive is located. Is it in a tree at eye level that is easy to get to? Or is it 25 feet up in a palm tree? Does it require a ladder? Is it on a hillside or up a steep slope? Do you need to crawl under a structure to get to it? Do you need a boom lift or heavy equipment to reach it? All of these factors dictate the difficulty and price of the job.

3. The third main factor is what materials and tools will be needed to remove the hive? Is the hive in a 3nd story wood shingle roof or a single story Spanish tile roof? Are the bees inside an irrigation box in the ground where the lid can be lifted easily? Or are they inside a concrete wall that needs to be demolished in order to get to the hive? Are the bees in a stucco wall, a wood wall, or a type of wall that has special masonry? All of these examples can effect the cost of the hive removal.

Highly unlikely! If bees enter a structure they feel protected and are much less likely to leave than if they are out in the open on a branch on a tree. It is very rare for bees to leave a structure voluntarily once they have entered. If a swarm has invaded your home time is of the essence. Dealing with the problem quickly (before the bees build a hive inside the wall or roof) is much less expensive than waiting and having to open the roof in order to remove the hive.
It depends! If they just landed there is a chance they may leave. Although its impossible to predict what bees will do, the general rule of thumb is the longer they stay there, the less likely they will leave. Its common for a swarm to leave after an hour of landing on a tree but less likely when they have been there for more than a day. Once they have built a hive they are usually there to stay.

We do not recommend you try to deal with this yourself. Handling bees can be tricky. In addition to he proper suits and equipment, knowledge and expertise are required in order to ensure the safety of people and animals in surrounding areas.